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What is Hi!ckathon by Hi! PARIS ?

The Hi!ckathon is the event organized by Hi! PARIS around challenges on data science, sustainability and business subjects.

 Hi! PARIS is an interdisciplinary center for research and education centered around AI and Data Science created in 2020 from the alliance of the Institut Polytechnique de Paris (IP Paris) and HEC Paris. It was later joined by Inria and is supported by six corporate donors: L’Oréal, Capgemini, TotalEnergies, Kering, Rexel and Vinci

Share your bright insights for the future

The Hi!ckathon will give you the opportunity to be part of one founding event of a worldwide center on Data Science and AI.

By joining the Hi!ckathon, you will build skills in an interdisciplinary team, broaden your reflection and answer the complex issues you will be facing.

A reflection around environmental issues

The Hi!ckathon will give participants the opportunity to reflect on a key issue for our future : AI for the planet

So come and put your skill in service of a societal and environmental issues related to the use of Data and AI !

An intense 2 days experience

The Hi!ckathon will take place from January 14th  evening untill il January 15th evening.

Participants will be allowed to gather their teams in one of the many rooms booked for the event across IP Paris partner schools!

Sponsored by market leading companies

Major companies will enrich the challenge thanks to their expertise : onboarding videos, teams coaching during the event and more importantly : you will work on some issues they’ve been facing.

They will also come and reward your work during a special ceremony on January 15th.

This year, you will benefit from 15 hours of training during 5 weeks before the Hi!ckathon at a rate of 3 hours per week in order to best prepare the final challenge.


2022 November 29th at 6.00PM

AI & Energy Sobriety Talks #1 with Capgemini | JOIN HERE

Capgemini will bring 5 experts do a dedicated presentation on a 3 real cases AI project !

  • How to design a frugal AI?
  • How to drive a decarbonization trajectory with data?
  • How to improve the energy performance of operations thanks to AI?
  • Take the opportunity to discuss with Capgemini experts !

2022 November 30th at 6.00PM

Courses & exercises presentation #2 | JOIN HERE

  • Presentation of practical exercises
  • Ways of working
  • Deep dive into the first course of data cleaning

2022 December 1st at 6.00PM

Q&A sessions with data science experts #2 | JOIN HERE

Dedicated session to answer all your questions around AI topics, practical exercised and get advices & best practices to successfully work on your topics !

Hi!ckathon key steps


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2023 January 13th at 6.30PM

Opening ceremony (1h-1h30) 

School and corporate donors will welcome you during this special opening ceremony and officially launch the competition !

2023 January 14th & 15th

Final sprint (48h)

After the ceremony, you will start your two days journey through the Hi!ckathon. 
Coaches from the corporate donors will help you build your innovative solutions. 
By the end of the event, you will have built a data science model, a  scientific procedure document, and a video of your business project. The event will take place on ESTA’s campus.

2023 January 16th at 7.00PM

Awards and closing ceremony (1h) 

After two intensive days, it will be time for you to enjoy your reward and reflect on the strong human experience you have been going through.

The Hi!ckathon is a unique competition that will bring together students from IP Paris, HEC Paris and a few other institutions


Meet insightful people

The Hi!ckathon is open to all students from IP Paris, HEC Paris and a few other institutions and universities!

One of the great ambition of the challenge is to build synergy between major Business school, Engineering schools and universities to meet the complex challenge of Data and its impact on society.


Build interdisciplinary teams

The Hi!ckathon will challenge your ability to work with people from different backgrounds.

Interdisciplinarity will be a key element for this Hi!ckathon, which will ask you to project yourself in a market context as well as producing a data science model

Hi!ckathon registration process

Just three steps...


Individual Registration.

Register for the Hi!ckathon by clicking the button below !

First, you will have to register to the data platform called HFactory.

Then, the registration form, available from the HFactory, will require you to describe your skills to better match you with other participants.


Team Building.

Upon registering, you can start to build your interdisciplinary team.

To meet with your future colleagues from all IP Paris, HEC and a few other universities, you can join the dedicated Discord.


Team Validation.

Once your team is set up, just mail the organizing team with your team composition.

Click below to discover the mail template and instructions to contact us.

Hi!ckathon Corporate Donors

Hi! PARIS relies on a philanthropy model that allows the centre to invest and become a worldwide competitor amongst top academic institutions.

L’Oréal, Capgemini, TotalEnergies, Kering, Rexel and Vinci are involved in the center to further that role and share their experience.

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