The Corporate donors awarded five thematic prizes

Technical excellence

Scientific approach



Business opportunity

Team 31

Everyone turns greens, turns smart. So can you, choose Smart Grid

Team 25

Transition to smartgrids and reduce carbon impact while making energy costs savings

Team 7

EnergAI – Microgrid for sustainable mining

Team 33

Flex AInergy – Make energy supply low carbon

Team 4

Optimus helps you achieve carbon neutrality for your company

A learning expedition to Stanford : Travel and discover the Stanford innovation ecosystem and meet researchers !

Visit of an Innovation Center and participate to a project with a special coaching in innovation from Data Scientists and Data Consultants

A condensed learning day including visiting an AI research lab and discovering key initiatives and strategy on sustainability

Visit the connected building innovation center, or the Rexel Foundation, and get help from Rexel experts to pursue your Hackathon project

Condensed innovation & learning day : Visit an AI research lab, exchange with L’OREAL experts and train for interviews !

How could you win those prizes ? 

Technical excellence rewards the model with the highest score. The score is a synthetic measure of the model’s accuracy and environmental performance.

Scientific approach rewards the team that demonstrates best the ability to justify its approach and to confront the state of the art in Data Science.

Interdisciplinarity rewards the team that was the most able to combine several disciplines in the production of the scientific approach file and the business opportunity video.

Innovation rewards the team who produced an original, unexpected yet relevant solution.

Business opportunity rewards the team that best projected itself in a market context through an impactful video speech.