Hi!ckathon 2

The corporate donors awarded five thematic prizes

Business opportunity

Scientific approach


Technical excellence



Team 6 - Team6

Team 12 - CO2Work

Team 4 - GreatAI

Team 1 - Over-AI-ted

Team 7 - Hi!gency

Visit AI Research Labs or Innovation Centers and meet researchers.
Participate to a project with a special coaching innovation from data scientists and data consultants, discovering key initiatives and strategies on sustainability.
Finally get help from experts to pursue your Hackathon project and practice interviews!

How could you win those prizes ? 

Business opportunity rewards the team that best projected itself in a market context through an impactful video speech. 

Scientific approach rewards the team that demonstrates best the ability to justify its approach and to confront the state of the art in Data Science.

Technical excellence rewards the model with the highest score. The score is a synthetic measure of the model’s accuracy and environmental performance.

Interdisciplinarity rewards the team that was the most able to combine several disciplines in the production of the scientific approach file and the business opportunity video.

Innovation rewards the team who produced an original, unexpected yet relevant solution.

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