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Training AIs doesn’t have to hurt (the planet)
This article by Gunnar Menzel (Capgemini) highlights the rising environmental cost of training AI models and suggests some guidelines to address the issue.

Rexel Foundation - Energy precariousness

Rexel Foundation for a better energy future actions for sustainable devlopment.
One of the foundation’s major concerns is access to energy efficiency for all, but also the fight against fuel poverty based on an essential social value: solidarity.

Rexel - Branch assortment

AI for stock optimization by Rexel.
The objective of the project is to propose an intelligent solution to meet both the needs of the customer but also his buying habits.

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It’s time to talk about the carbon footprint of artificial intelligence
This article by "anthropocenemagazine.org/ " presents initiatives and suggestions on how to start building more responsible Data Science Model.
"Training a single AI model can emit as much carbon as five cars in their lifetimes"
This article by "technologyreview.com" highlights the environmental cost of training AI Models by showing compelling comparisons.

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