Hi!ckathon 2

Frequently Asked Questions

The Hi!ckathon is open to all students from HEC Paris, Ecole Polytechnique, ENSAE, ENSTA, Telecom SudParis, Telecom Paris and a few other institutions and universities.

The challenge you will be facing during the Hi!ckathon is thrilling but difficult, it is primarily intended to students following master degrees or equivalent.

Yes, the Hi!ckathon is open to all students of HEC Paris, IP Paris and a few other institutions and universities.

To succeed in the competition, you will however need to have at least one proficient student in Data Science in your team.

Registration for the Hi!ckathon is done directly via the Data Platform (HFactory).

Once your application has been validated, you will have access to a space dedicated to the formation of teams. You will be free to create or join a team.

You can also interact with the Hi!ckathon community to build your team, by joining the dedicated (yet optional) Slack group to chat with other participants and build your team.

Though not mandatory, we suggest you build interdisciplinary teams, for you to be able to answer the challenges of the Hi!ckathon, which requires both coding skills and market insights. 

A team is required to have at least one proficient student in data science or related to succeed in the competition. 

The Hi!ckathon can be a fully remote event and no presence is required.

However, we know how important it can be for teams to gather physically in order to collaborate efficiently.  For that reason, rooms will be booked to allow teams to gather. This option is obviously dependent of the sanitary restrictions.

The Hi!ckathon will require the participating teams to build a data science model, explain their scientific approach and build a business related project.

No specific preparation is required to participate to the Hi!ckathon.

However, in order to improve collaboration inside an interdisciplinary team, students with no knowledge in Data Science may follow initiation classes. Likewise, Students in Data Science or related my learn the fundamentals of finance, economics, marketing and strategy.

The closing date for registration has been extended to February 28, 2022.

This deadline extension was decided in view of the exceeding last minute requests for which it is important to give a last chance to register.

If you wish to cancel your participation to the Hi!ckathon just send an email at contact@hackathon-hi-paris.fr or using the form on this page : 


The language used by the organizing team is English.

You will be required to submit your works in English, especially the scientific procedure document and your business project video.

  • A data science model answering the question revealed on D-Day (March 4th)
  • A scientific procedure document detailing your approach, your overal strategy, your choices…
  • A short business project video linked to your solution.

In order to win one of the thematic prizes, your team will be required to submit the three deliverables detailed above.

  • Technical Excellence Award: rewards the model with the highest score. The score is a synthetic measure of the model’s precision and environmental performance.
  • Prize for scientific approach: rewards the team among the finalists that has the best ability to justify its approach and compare it with the state of the art in data science.
  • Interdisciplinarity Prize: rewards among the finalist teams, the teams that have managed to combine several disciplines in the production of the scientific approach and the video of the commercial development project.
  • Best Business Pitch Award: rewards among the finalist teams, the one that best projected itself in a market context through an impactful video speech.
  • Innovation Prize: rewards among the finalist teams, those who produced an original, unexpected yet relevant solution.

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